Reader Bob tells me that Three Pickles Subs and Sandwiches at 126 E. Canon Perdido Street transforms into a sushi bar during the evening, hosted by Chef Ryoji. For more information call 965-1015.

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  1. Kristen LaBonte says:

    They are calling it Tsukemono and it’s open for dinner Tuesday – Saturday and is open late on Friday and Saturday nights.

  2. Sam Tababa says:

    Ok maybe its just a way for a star-up to get its feet on the ground but this sounds awful… Three Pickles sushi? Ughhh, they cant even serve decent bread for their mediocre sandwiches! I guess in comparison to the awful things they call sandwiches at Panini, Pickles is gourmet…no wonder its busy. Panini makes its pretty easy/

    • Bob says:

      Pretty harsh re: Three Pickles and I’d say you’re in the minority considering how long it takes to get a sandwich at lunch time. And the sushi I had the other night at Tsukemono was excellent.

    • Kristen says:

      Sam: The space is being rented in the evenings by a master sushi chef.

    • mike says:

      It makes perfect sense to me. Their business model is largely centered around a lunch crowd. That’s an expensive piece of realestate ot leave sitting in the evening. Why not do something different or rent the space and turn an extra buck.

  3. Christine says:

    One vowel off makes it too far of a stretch to realize Kristen meant Panino?

  4. Ash says:

    I LOVE Tsukemono and I am self proclaimed sushi snob.

  5. Bettie says:

    It is a pop-up restaurant and the sushi chef is the old chef and owner of East, that closed down prior to Sama Sama moving in. East was my favorite sushi place and the chef is fantastic, so that can only mean this will be great too!

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