To help keep tumble weeds out of the arid basin formerly known has Lake Cachuma, The Restaurant Gal and I are in full water-conservation mode. Rather than going down the drain, our unused cold shower water (when you first start the shower) now goes to a 5-gallon bucket, which is hand-transported by The Restaurant Guy to a 32-gallon barrel in the kitchen, which then makes its way through our Coleman Hot-Water-On-Demand camping pump that is used to clean the dishes each day.

At the suggestion of John Palminteri, we also bought a “DIY Rain Barrel Kit” that connects our rain gutter to 5 empty trash barrels, that themselves are connected in series using the a “Fiskars Rain Barrel Connector Kit.” This 160-gallon rain storage system was built for a grand total of about $100 and will hopefully keep our new fruit trees alive without needing to sip from Puddle Cachuma.

Unfortunately the hot, dry winter weather has caused the Rumor Machine to overheat and, unfortunately, adding rain water to the circuit board is not an option. Of the 10 printouts from the Rumor Machine this week, only one was actually readable: “Tap Thai (currently on De la Vina) is going to be moving into Brummi’s old space on Upper State.” As always, this rumor might be completely false or a brilliant forecast of future events. Your call.


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8 Responses to RUMOR MACHINE

  1. Christine says:

    …and now I’m checking out a rain barrel deal at… Thanks for the nifty idea, John!

  2. Whirl says:

    So where is the picture of what those gutter run off barrels look like today?
    In dealing with these issues in the lates 80’s early 90’s my sister had a hose connected to the back of the clothes washing machine. She would unroll it through the garage door and let the washer water drain in her backyard, using plant friendly detergent of course.

  3. Ed says:

    Sort of sorry to see Tap Thai move (albeit not very far) as I’m practically across the street from present location.
    Great place and food with a nice ambiance.

    I have nothing to add to the rain barrel discussion.

  4. Danny says:

    The rain barrel idea I get but I’m sorry washing dishes with used shower water is just gross

  5. Dawn OBrien says:

    Wonderful, John!
    We’ve been on the verge for months. Your little photo essay and easy suggestions inspired us to act. Thank you!

  6. Dawn OBrien says:

    Danny – you need to re-read… it’s not the dirty water…COLD shower water, get it?

  7. Gerald Bostock says:

    Don’t worry, Danny, it’s UNUSED water, the cold that runs down the drain while warming up. Nice setup, John!

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