I was at Costco strolling for some non-essential purchases when I suddenly felt hungry. I realized that I had completely skipped lunch. As luck would have it, right next to me was a booth offering a free sample of sausage that I quickly devoured. A thought then occurred to me: Is it possible to have an entirely free lunch at Costco?

I noticed that some of the free samples didn’t look very filling (like a sip of apple juice) but others appeared quite substantial (grilled cheese sandwich bite). I decided to give my free lunch idea a try and paid a visit to every booth that offered something edible. To my disappointment, after visiting all 15 food sample booths I still felt hungry so I decided to visit them again. I made another pass to each and every smiling food attendant and requested another taste. Verdict: still hungry. I then made a third voyage through my mini “Taste of the Town” and I finally felt full. So there you have it. If you are willing to endure a 45-course meal, it is possible to have an entirely free lunch at Costco.

So what did I actually have for lunch? 1) Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame, 2) Green Envy Daily Detox Liquid (veggie juice), 3) Mrs. May’s Variety Pack (peanuts), 4) Kirkland Signature Wild Sockeye Salmon, 5) Tasty Bit Basmati Rice, 6) Philippine Dried Mangos, 7) Kraft American Singles (grilled cheese sandwich sample), 8) Tree Top Apple Juice, 9) Pasta Prima Spinach & Mozzarella Ravioli, 10) CP Products Shrimp Wonton Soup, 11) Okami Asian Chicken Salad, 12) Rotisserie Chicken Greek Pasta Salad, 13) Pork Brisket Grillers, 14) Bilinski’s Sausage, and 15) Italian Round (bread)

* Costco membership required

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  1. Christine says:

    This is fantastic but I will skip trying it, because I know my will power could crumble. I’d come home with a ton of Costco food that wasn’t on my shopping list and my bank account would be unhappy. for example, your list of items 9 thru 15 would definitely be coming home with me. 😉

  2. mike says:

    Well, I’m sure you gave the nice Lady’s doleing out the samples something to talk about. For about a buck fifty, you can also go out front and get a hot dog (or Polish sausage) and a soda.

    • Glenn says:

      Yeah I would feel uncomfortable going more than once esp with the cheap(and good) food outside. It is nice for a hold you over trip while shopping when I’ve gotten most everything myself, the stomach can get a little unsettled mixing everything though!

  3. k says:

    costco never checks membership. if they do you can them you are just looking around.
    they do not care. good advertisement for them, as you just did

    • tech72 says:

      Or if you know someone with a membership, give them 20 bucks to get you a Costco Cash Card which will get you through the door and allow you to make purchases without being a member.

  4. Whirl says:

    Didn’t you do this same thing a couple of years ago?

  5. gerald bostock says:

    I actually laughed out loud. I’ll give John a pass on 3 trips for being a media star.

  6. Peter says:

    I was at a Costco in Cabo San Lucas last June. At that store they were providing tastes of various alcohol…….vodka here, tequila over in the corner, whisky down that aisle. One could easily have been plastered……then imagine how much stuff they’d buy!

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