Last week I wrote that Santa Barbara’s storied Bennett family, owners of Brophy Bros. restaurant at the harbor, had taken over 1201 State Street, the former home of Maggie’s and State & A. I included a rumor about the Bennett family also being involved with the recent sale of Arch Rock Fish restaurant at 608 Anacapa Street. Family representative John Bennett recently wrote me to confirm the news:


Arch Rock is true!  We were able to finalize the deal, open escrow and successfully transfer the temporary liquor license on Thursday. Tomas Castelo (operating partner) and I were able to take early possession Friday morning with the help of Mike Anderson, John Giammanco and Danny Quinn.

Our immediate objective was to secure a stable tenant for the Hutton-Parker Foundation (landlord) and keep a heartbeat inside the space ultimately allowing 40+/- staff the opportunity to remain employed.

Since coming in, our team has been blown away by the staff”s commitment to Arch Rock which is a testament to both the brand and the Higgins family (previous owner).

Our plan is to keep the name, keep the staff, keep the menu and just provide the infrastructure and support currently needed for this brand to be a long term success. With the support of the community, hard work and sound business practices I don’t see any reason why this objective can’t be accomplished.

This project served many purposes and we are grateful to have the chance to participate.


John Bennett

TWO FOR TWO: The family behind Brophy Bros. restaurant is involved with the purchase of Arch Rock Fish restaurant, their second local eatery takeover in as many weeks.

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  1. Art says:

    Will they have any local fish?

  2. meridith moore says:

    This is the best news ever!

  3. Dave Sherin says:

    The Bennett’s Rock! Great news.

  4. k says:

    so John.. The group that used to own this.. Wasnt that the Blush group? And didn’t Blush recently buy its property? What is the status on the blush group? IS it still a group with tonic,indochine and that night club… whats it called.. ? cant recall

  5. Danny says:

    I have a hard time believing they will keep the staff and the menu the same. If Arch Rock fish was succeeding they way it is, there wouldn’t have been a reason for the current owners to sell.

    I personally hope it does stay the same, but wouldn’t be surprised if doesn’t. I just don’t wanna see Arch turn into another brophy’s.

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