Regarding Tino’s Italian Grocery & Deli at 415 E. De la Guerra Street, that is planning to move to Carrillo Street, here is an update from reader Pam:

The patriarch may be gone & the “old” deli maybe moving, however, the matriarch, Edith,  is still here and rumour has it she is opening a new deli/grocery type store, in the “old” location. Since Edith was the co-owner and Mrs.”Tino” for over 50 years, tradition will carry on for years to come, albiet with a few changes & possibly some improvements…

Thanks Edith for stepping up and carrying on!

– Pam

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10 Responses to TINO’S UPDATE

  1. Vic says:

    It’s such a blow to the community to have lost Tino, but at least we won’t lose the Italian Deli. Their Super Deluxe with everything is one of the things about living here that I absolutely love. I can’t imagine Santa Barbara without Tino’s. Thank you Edith!!

  2. NC says:

    I really, really, really, want to love the import part of place, but most things on their shelves are so very dusty, and so very long past their expiration date, and the weevils have moved in, that it’s really disappointing.

  3. Mary says:

    It is funny how rumors get started and then grow. First of all a question – if Edith was married to Tino for over 50 years and married to her first husband, Gus for over 25 years how old is Edith and how old was she when she married the first time?
    Let’s follow up with some facts:
    the weevils and expired merchandise are gone never to return. That was Edith’s contribution to the market. Edith cannot carry on the tradition of the super deluxe that belong’s to Tino’s and will be moving to Carrillo Street along with he long tradition of pleasant customer service. If there is a “matriarch” to Tino’s that would be his sister, Terry as she started working with him 7/1/47 and stayed until Edith fired her 12/31/07.
    Tino lived his life truthfully, honestly and caring for others, that is the legacy that will be carried on by his sister’s family.

  4. Allison says:

    Hi, Just so everyone knows Tino’s Italian Grocery is still alive and well in the Santa Barbara community. They will remain at the current location and move sometime in the summer to a new location in mid-town. This will be formally announced in spring and on Facebook. Thanks for being loyal and wonderful patrons! Keep on enjoying those wonderful subs!

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  6. Hope Baylor says:

    It seems that the “new” Tino’s and Nonna’s are both dragging their feet about opening. Is this due to some family feud? If so, it’s unfair to their loyal customers and bad business! I, as well as many of my friends have been waiting patiently, though less so lately, for them to reopen. What is the current status as of November 2014?

  7. Debra says:

    Obviously, neither party are “dragging their heels”, they are losing $$ every day that they are not open. Licenses have to be passed, permits, this and that………When you are dealing with the city, there are so many hoops to jump through you have no idea. Tino’s & Nonna’s are much anxious to get their stores open, more then their loyal customers, so it is not their fault!!!

  8. Mark andrade says:

    My wife and kids have been going to Tino’s for super deluxe sub’s since early 80’s and I miss them very much when I lived in Arizona and I came to cali it was a must go place I would take a cooler and buy 10 super deluxe sub’s . And to all his family I know time heel’s plz come together and get along I think tino would want you guy’s to carry on that awsome tradition your friend Mark andrade

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