Reader Steve let me know that Fernando’s Churros is a new food truck parked at Casa de la Raza, 601 East Montecito Street. He’s had it for about 3 months or so after previously being inside. I’m told Fernando’s Churros offers real fresh-fried churros from homemade dough, not reheated frozen ones like you may be familiar with at local events.

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  1. cupcakerica says:

    I have had many a churro from Fernando and they are the BEST!! I am so excited to hear this, but man, I’m gonna get so fat. Is he still there only at 5pm???

  2. Charlotte says:

    Nothing beats a hot, homemade churro! Can’t wait to try one.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I found Fernando’s Churros last Sunday afternoon on E Montecito. A big bag of piping hot churros for $5. Terrific! I’m going back with friends & family.

  4. Gail says:

    Not only do that have delicious churros, but I eat the TACOS PASTOR weekly….they are absolutely delicious! Can’t get enough of them….

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