The Pan restaurant at 18 E. Cota Street has closed. The eatery opened for business in February, 2012. I spoke with the Montesano Group, owner of The Pan, Joe’s Cafe, Lucky’s and other local eateries, and they offered these details:

“It is in escrow and the buyers are out of Los Angeles. It’s Mexican concepts; they are career industry people so we’re excited about them coming. The Pan is looking for a new location.”

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9 Responses to THE PAN CLOSES

  1. David says:

    No way, a Mexican restaurant in SB? I am so excited!

  2. k says:

    ? i mean really? ??what IS the Pan anyway? Does it seem to be viable as a concept to continue?

    • Christine says:

      It was good American food. Sliders were very good, tater tots too, and the drinks too. But they were only open Fri and Sat nights. I’m sure that’s what got them. I hope they do relocate and I hope they are open during more days of the week.

      • Lily says:

        I thought the sliders were so so, but I love the tater tots and the clam chowder was excellent, comes with 3 clams in shells and the chowder has a good consistency, not gummy like many other places.

  3. Gerald Bostock says:

    Will the new restaurant have an accent in its name?! (Shout
    out to SL! 🙂

  4. Ted says:

    I liked the Pan and their cheap eats (the grilled cheese with onions and bacon!) but occupying that big spot and never being open most days of the week killed it.

    Will the “Mexican” joint be “overpriced gourmet” Mexican or “appealing to Middle America” Mexican?

    • David says:

      Or the third choice – taqueria style. In defense of Mexican food in SB, I actually don’t think there is much of “appealing to middle America” Mexican here. That is, no Chevy’s, Del Taco, etc. I guess Taco Bell is here.

      • Ted says:

        I prefer *less* chain restaurants in town, which bring neither value for money nor decent wages. That’s what the big box mall in Goleta is for, with Chili’s (shudder). However, in a chain’s defense, El Torito has really good chips n salsa with a margarita. (And we have plenty of Taco Bells, I think.)

  5. SBG says:

    Pan had awful service… Support staff were amazing, but bar and waitstaff are worst in town.

    Shocking after 2 failed visits.

    Luckys et al are so much better

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