A man who served popular torpedo sandwiches to Santa Barbara residents for 67 years has died. Valentino Ziliotto, owner of the Italian Grocery & Deli at 415 E. De la Guerra Street  – Tino’s to locals – died January 2nd at the age of 86. The Santa Barbara News-Press reports that Italian Grocery & Deli is set to move this summer to the old Carrow’s Restaurant location at 210 W. Carrillo Street.

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8 Responses to A TOAST TO TINO

  1. Bob says:

    Tino’s moving…….Yikes. Is it April 1st?

    If the report about the move is true, this is a horrendous idea. A neighborhood grocery store only works if it’s in a neighborhood, not smack dab downtown. And a huge percentage of their sandwich sales are high school kids and blue collar workers. The old Carrow’s location sucks for those two groups. The only upside to this move is less high schoolers shoplifting.

    RIP Tino.

    • Ron True says:

      That is very sad news my thoughts go to the family, he was the patriarch of the super deluxe. One of my 1st jobs as a teenager stocking the coolers at the store, he will be missed. I’ve had countless sandwiches growing up, taken them with on the plane when I lived back east, he always remembered me and asked what I was doing, where I was living and when was I coming back to SB, Edith as well? The thought of them moving seems very sad especially for the kids from the high school grabbing a Tino’s as I did growing up for lunch.

      RIP Tino, thank you

  2. Andy Gault says:

    R.I.P. Tino. You will be missed by many many people who knew you.

  3. Angela says:

    This is very upsetting!!! I totally agree with what Bob said. I can’t see them lasting long term if they relocate to Carrillo Street. The whole location sucks there, especially the parking! This is a damn shame. I’m sure Tino is turning over in his grave right now. God Bless him

  4. Tom, says:

    We knew it was coming but it’s still sad. We’ve been eating Super Deluxe for years. Rest in Peace Tino.

  5. Mike says:

    I can’t imagine the Eastside without Tino’s.

    Sucks if this is true.

  6. Beth says:

    Tino was well aware of the move and plans for the new location, and it was a decision that was not made lightly, due to other circumstances. Full faith in his sister, niece and nephews to carry on what he started. He was involved in it all until the last day.

    Strong character, man of the people, he loved seeing his customers and interacting with them everyday. I know it was very tough for him when he had to stop coming in to the store, he loved being there.

    I know my great-grandparents and grandparents were some of the many souls waiting to greet him at the gates with a huge smile and hug.

    He will be greatly missed by so many, but the SuperDeluxe lives on!!

  7. pam says:

    The patriarch may be gone & the “old” deli maybe moving, however, the matriarch, edith, is still here and rumour has it she is opening a new deli/grocery type store, in the “old” location. Since Edith was the co-owner and Mrs.”Tino” for over 50 years, tradition will carry on for years to come, albiet with a few changes & possibly some improvements…

    Thanks Edith for stepping up and carrying on!

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