On September 16 I reported that Sanford Winery was planning to open a tasting room in La Arcada, 1114 State Street. The wine finally started flowing downtown last week. Sanford Winery planted the first pinot noir grapes in Santa Barbara County back in 1971, likening the climate and soil conditions in the Santa Rita Hills to those of France’s famed Burgundy province.

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5 Responses to SANFORD OPENS

  1. Michel Masson says:

    Rich Sanford did indeed contribute to the explosion of Santa Barbara County’s wine industry starting in 1971, but “Sanford” is no longer his winery and really shouldn’t get any credit for it. Rich Sanford currently makes wines under the label Alma Rosa.

  2. Ken Adam says:

    Was in SB for a couple of days – checked out the Sanford room… Nice room and probably a high rent but at $20 a head for five small tastings, I think they will have a tough road ahead.

  3. tony from goleta says:

    Anyone not familiar with the story of Richard Sanford, Bruno D’Alfonso and the Terllato takeover of Sanford can get more info form this Wine Spectator article:

  4. LoFi Girl says:

    $20? sigh. Everything in SB is so sadly overpriced. I hate it. Living as a lower-middle class incomer in this town is murder. And I’m a NATIVE !!!

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