This just in from reader David:

“I heard from a kid over at the bakery across the way that a guy wants to open a Pizza Hut in the front building at 209 South Milpas Street and he’s trying to get permits. It’s where Coastal Advance used to be next to Olympia Studios.”

Before they left the South Coast, Pizza Hut used to be located at 2840 De la Vina Street, the current home of Nicky D’s Wood Fire Pizza.

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  1. Papa John says:

    I was born and raised just a few hours drive from the original Pizza Hut (in Wichita, KS) and my sisters both waitressed at the Pizza Hut in my hometown when they were in high school. But in spite of my fond childhood memories, I can’t imagine why anyone would think that a Pizza Hut on Milpas would be successful.

  2. chris says:

    Why wouldn’t it be? That’s a nice accessible building except for parking. The south end of Milpas is convenient for beach/hotel walk-up and delivery. Under the freeway there’s Little Caesars, but no sit-down. Then a few blocks to Rusty’s (with seating), then Domino’s (no seating), then Sal’s (with seating and broader menu) at the top. Seems pretty pizza-friendly to me.

  3. Papa John says:

    My point exactly. There are plenty of pizza options already in the area, both sit-down and delivery. But hey, I wish Pizza Hut well, if they decide to open.

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