The Fresh Market Grocery Store opened today (December 11th) at 222 N. Milpas Street (formerly Scolari’s).

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  1. Christine says:

    My husband was just there and they are giving out goody bags and lots of 2-1 specials, prime rib roast going for $5.99 and he said it’s fabulous.

  2. chris says:

    Feels upscale, more like a big European department store’s food floor than U.S. supermarket. Good looking fish counter, sandwich deli, salad bars, sushi, etc. Lots of variety in staples and exotic packaged products, plus house branded and bulk offerings. Another great food addition for Milpas anchored by Tri-County Produce, TJ’s, Fresh Market, Fresh & Easy, Chapala Market – all within a few blocks – plus Carniceria la Bodegita and Mi Fiesta right around the corner on Haley.

  3. Art says:

    But are they catering to the people will take their grocery carts home with them. Can the local neighborhood afford to shop there

    • chris says:

      You might be surprised at the demographics of today’s eclectic Milpas corridor. It’s a good place to live. True, some older folks in the neighborhood still do take carts home because they can’t carry bags (cart service picks them up), plus a few homeless rip them off to transport their goods. The proximity to the Riviera, Montecito, etc., makes this a great eastside position for Fresh Market with their selection of goodies. The concept is enough different from Whole Foods and Lazy Acres to make it a destination, and nearby stores like Fresh & Easy fill the gaps with staples they don’t carry. Check out the Christmas window art on the stores when you come over for the 60th Annual Milpas Holiday Parade, Saturday at 5 p.m.

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