A sign has appeared at the Mesa Cafe & Bar (1972 Cliff Drive) indicating that the business is in the process of being sold. The sign says that the current manager of Mesa Cafe, Ramiro Elizalde, is the prospective new owner. Sources tell me that the deal may close on or around February 1, 2014 and that the liquor license, kitchen equipment and everything wall-to-wall is in the deal. Sources say that the new ownership might switch the restaurant to Mexican cuisine.

Update: the cuisine will not change


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13 Responses to MESA CAFE TO BE SOLD

  1. Bob L says:

    Oh dear, there goes one of our favorite “go to” breakfast spots in town! I hope the cuisine switch isn’t so… or will be re-thought. Weekend breakfast would never be the same.

  2. Jame says:

    Its so sad if they will change it something else but if the
    new owner thought it is not worthit for the breakfast restaurant
    cafe then let it be.

  3. SLV says:

    Noooooo!!! The last thing we need is another Mexican restaurant. Mesa Cafe is such a classic.

  4. Richard says:

    I find it hard to believe that the cuisine will be changed. People go there for the existing menu, portions and prices now. Why change something that works? The current manager is probably responsible for the Mesa Cafe’s success, so doubt he will change.

  5. Charlotte says:

    Is this the cafe that’s affiliated with Cody’s in Goleta? If so they are closing the wrong restaurant. Cody’s has become so bad that we won’t consider eating even breakfast there ( it’s always really Greasy and overcooked) send something back and the meatheads in the kitchen throw a big machismo fit! Do it right the first time! The Mesa location was a totaly different relaxed vibe and the food was very good. If this is a totaly different restaurant then kindly disregard my rant on awful Cody’s.

  6. Charlotte says:

    Oh! Another Mexican restaurant…goody

  7. Rex Of SB says:

    I don’t think anyone would be so clueless as to launch a Mexican restaurant a block away from the Rose Cafe, located in the next block. The Mesa Cafe is always packed with breakfast and lunch customers every day–virtually the only such “family” restaurant on the Mesa. Surely, no one would mess with a winning format that’s been so wildly successful for years.

  8. Liz W says:

    The Mesa Cafe is not the best, but serves a niche. Many go there because it is close and the only place that serves basic Americian food. The best thing would be to improve the quality and not loose the faithful patrons. Another Mexician restaurant? I hear there is a shortage of those around here. People who want to sit down for a burger, Cobb or meat and mashed pototos will go down the hill. The question is, will people come up the hill for a new Mexican resturaunt? There is a lot of competition.

  9. Gerald Bostock says:

    I wholly agree with all these comments. Breakfast and meat and potatoes — diner food. And they serve lamb shanks! Please don’t change the Mesa Cafe.

  10. Charlotte says:

    Odd… I’ve never been in there when it’s slow. Just crazy packed or steady busy.

  11. Michael says:

    Obama care caused this sale…too many employees with both restaurantss.dont want to provide all that insurance

  12. Stacy says:

    Another Mexican restaurant?!?! Only a handful of good ones
    …,,Los Arroyos, Los Agaves, carlitos, & the new Paloma in

  13. Carol says:

    Please, don’t change anything. The Mesa Cafe is such a great place for families who want the kids to have something besides “fast food” and sit down at a real restaurant, and still be affordable. It’s a place where you can feel confident taking visiting family or friends knowing there will be something on the menu to please everyone at a price that’s reasonable. The service is friendly and fast and the servers are to be complimented for making you feel welcome. Mexican menu is good, but we have enough of those and not enough of Mesa Cafe as it is.

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