KEYT is reporting that a 7-Eleven is coming to 402 N. Milpas Street, next door to Fresh & Easy Market. The address use to be the home of Fast Lane Oil Change. A 7-Eleven recently opened in Isla Vista.

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  1. chris says:

    This is terrible city planning. There are plenty of convenience and beer stores on Milpas. If it’s a 24 hour operation, this 7-Eleven will become a new magnet for all kinds of trouble, non-stop. There are two liquor stores and three beer and wine retailers within a block – isn’t five enough already? Lots more a short walk north or south, plus bars and restaurants. The neighborhood is rapidly improving but still has more than its share of problems with walking drunks, DUIs, vagrants trespassing behind stores, and gang activities. If 7-Eleven wants to move in and sell their sugary Slurpees, salty snacks, cigarettes, and lottery tickets, OK; buyer beware. But granting them an alcohol permit to draw in more of the fighting brown bag crowd would be a lousy, counter-productive idea, especially now that Casa Esperanza is moving to a sobriety model. Ideally, they will simply withdraw that application and be decent neighbors who add instead of detract. If they don’t, opposition forms can still be filed with the CA Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) in Ventura for the next couple of weeks. What’s the opposite of “oh, thank heaven?”

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