Both Cal Taco at 7320 Hollister Avenue in Goleta and The French Table at 129 E. Anapamu Street recently changed ownership. I am told that Cal Taco was purchased by the liquor store next door. Thanks to readers Joe, Michelle and Anonymous for the tips.

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8 Responses to NEW OWNERSHIP

  1. Glenn says:

    We will all miss the owner’s smiling faces who owned it, they were really part of the draw to eat there. It will be interesting to see what changes come about at the place if any and I wish the former owners(and present) the best of luck! They owned it a long time.

  2. Andy says:

    now I know why $1.99 Charburger days disappeared (or at
    least the banner out front advertising it). bummer.

  3. David says:

    Don’t worry everyone. You can still get your charburgers at The Habit, and your “Mexican” food at Del Taco.

  4. RexOfSB says:

    Unfortunately, there’s no Del Taco anywhere near here. I, too, will miss Chris, Cal Taco’s friendly owner. There were times I’d trump up a reason to go to Costco or Home Depot just to to have an excuse to go to Cal Taco. The Habit’s hamburgers are almost identical with those of Cal Taco, but the operative word is “almost.” Here’s wishing Chris the very best in whatever he’s going to do next!

  5. Yvonne says:

    Yup, best of luck to Chris! Cal Taco was always a friendly, yummy place to eat. I’m going to miss their chicken fajitas.

  6. Glenn says:

    I checked it out today. Same food, just no Chris or Jessica. The new owners seem nice(not sure the comment about the liquor store as people in there seem nice also). They will have a breakfast menu coming soon too. Apparently they will add nachos and tortas also and will keep the existing menu. Place was busy as usual, we will see how they do but the food, ambience etc. is all the same minus the great former owners that used to be there.

    • Kay Lee says:

      The negative liquor store comment was from Charlotte so we all know to take that with a grain of salt. I’ve lived nearby for many years and have had nothing but excellent experiences at that liquor store.

  7. Cassandra says:

    Best of luck to Chris! Follow your path.

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