Lyz Hoffman with the Santa Barbara Independent is reporting that McDonald’s in Camino Real Marketplace will be getting a drive-through, after the Goleta Planning Commission approved the addition.

I live right near that McDonald’s and know that the roadway in front of the eatery is one of the busiest intersections in Goleta. The above article says they are redesigning that area to ease traffic concerns and make it more pedestrian friendly. Hopefully it works because it gets really jammed up there every day. If the line of drive-through customers backs up anywhere into Marketplace Drive it will be instant gridlock.

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  1. Christine says:

    From the Independent article, “Solomon adding that the traffic estimate “really begs belief.”” Only 131 extra cars each day will use that drive thru? Seriously? McDonald’s is doing this to gain only 131 daily customers? I highly doubt that number. Oh well. I hate going to the Marketplace because of the parking. This will only further keep me away.

    • Topher says:

      Parking a problem at Camino? I love going there because their parking is abundant. Yes, it gets busy and you might have to walk further to your destination but I’ve never had problems finding parking there — even on their art days and farmer’s market. If you’re talking about bad parking, try the Calle Real Center or Five Points.

      I go to that McDonalds on occasion and know they’ve always wanted a drive thru there. I’m wondering how they will deal with the traffic because I agree with John in saying that it can get pretty busy.

  2. Papa John says:

    I don’t think that the issue is with the number of parking spaces, but rather traffic flow. I am a Goletan with a six year-old, so I will confess to eating at the Camino Real McDonald’s when there isn’t time for Kahuna Grill, Rusty’s Pizza or the new BBQ place. So while I am in no way anti-McDonald’s, I’ve seen the traffic tie-ups at Marketplace and Storke, and I share JD’s concerns.

  3. Glenn says:

    Yep its not the parking but traffic flow near that exit. Not sure how they are going to do it, maybe a tight circle like at the Mesa McDs but backup into that terrible exit which as John says you usually want to avoid.

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