This just in from The Hungry Cat at 1134 Chapala Street:

Hello Mr. Dickson,

My name is Bob Van der Veer and I am the GM at the hungry cat. I would like to pass along a few exciting bits of info that we have planned this fall.

Starting this Monday, Oct. 7th, we will be doing 1/2 priced oyster Mondays, from 5 pm -10 pm. This will be a weekly event, with the exception of a couple of special Monday events we have planned.

We are in the process of finalizing a beer dinner with Figueroa Mountain. We hope to settle on a Monday in late October / early November. Chef Adele Sun has put together a great menu pairing (and even cooking) with their fantastic brew.

Last but certainly not least, we have an evening with Chef Suzanne Goin, scheduled for Monday, December 2nd. We will be celebrating the release of her new cookbook from A.O.C. Chef Suzanne will be in attendance (on the floor, not in the kitchen) to greet and interact with guests. We will offer a 3-4 course menu of items from her cookbook. We are very excited.

Bob Van der Veer

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  1. Lancer says:

    The Halibut was horrible the last time I ate there a month ago. It was mushy, gelatinous and cold.
    Did you pull the old seafood switcheroo with the Bat Ray?
    My wife choked on the scone type burger bun and could only eat the innards as though she was a carniverous ghoul. It was an embarrassing and awful meal.

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