This just in from local entrepreneur Eric Greenspan:

Hi John

Just a little note about my new venture. Macaw Coffee Company has launched and operates out of Santa Barbara, California with our farm and factory in Santa Barbara, Honduras. Our patented native antioxidant coffee is “stomach friendly” and absolutely delicious.

While we don’t plan on opening stores at this time, our coffee will soon be available worldwide at major retailers and grocers. We are also working on finding a local provider of our product both in retail and restaurants so SB can enjoy it and fight those free radicals all at the same time.

Today we secured our first major deal and 50,000 pounds are in production for a beloved national, healthy grocer.

I’m heading to Honduras next week to spend some time with our Honduran staff and to see Honduras vs Costa Rica in a World Cup qualifying match in San Pedro Sula.

It’s quite a change from my past business ventures but as a foodie, (and a huge fan of your work) it’s exactly where I want to be.

For more information, visit

To the moon,

Eric Green(bean)span
Macaw Coffee Company
Santa Barbara, California &
Santa Barbara, Honduras

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