Reader PrimeTime tells me he is hearing that the Houstons restaurant chain is looking at opening a restaurant – possibly under a different name – at a property on Coast Village Road next to Jeannine’s. Houstons has several locations under the “Hillstone” name.

This is, of course, entirely rumor and speculation, which are two of The Restaurant Guy’s closest friends. When my wife lived in Santa Monica we used to go to Hillstone for special occasions and usually order our favorite items on the menu: the Prime Rib and California Burger.

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  1. Jerry says:

    I heard the same thing a while ago. They are a “chain” restaurant but they do have their act together and have a quality product. I have been to a few of their places and all have good food and well run. I am sure they will tailor this Rest. for the location and client base.

  2. Art Gaspar says:

    Old news, this was in the Independent & Noozhawk back in June. The Hillstone Restaurant Group has many names under which they operate, one of them being Houston’s

  3. Charlotte says:

    News to me………Art.

  4. alisa says:

    thank heavens art was here to tell us how much smarter he is than us. i had not heard about this. I hope Houstons is still good. went there almost every week in Atlanta a few years ago and it was consistently good. could be a good addition to the sb/monte scene.

  5. Scott says:

    I didn’t realize there were so many iterations of Houston’s. Bandera (there’s one in Brentwood) is FANTASTIC. And no corkage. I’d be all for a Bandera.

  6. Back in the early 90s I was flown to Arizona to meet with Houston executives. They had just opened Bandera and were looking for a corporate chef. They seemed more interested at the time in getting information about the Santa Barbara restaurant market. It seemed they were interested in opening a Bandera here. It is a great concept, designed for maximum efficiency.
    Big national chains seem to shy away from Santa Barbara once they look at the demographics. This is a boutique market with a small population base and a seasonal tourist industry. Look what happened to Ruth Chris steakhouse.

    • Charlotte says:

      Point made. I do think that a big chain with a different price point then Ruth’s Chris would do very well here. There is talk of Lure moving into the former space of Riths Chris (I hope!). I think Cheesecake Factory would do well here, or Islands.

  7. Matthew says:

    I really enjoy hillstones take on great food in a tastefull yet unpretentious atmosphere…. Will be in Sb for a Westmont fundraiser this weekend.. Can anyone recommend dining in that genre?… Thx!

  8. Geoffrey says:

    It is about time that Santa Barbara got a good resturant
    This is the worst town for resturants
    I come from OC
    Live there for 40 years
    The first
    10 years in OC not to good for resturants
    But after that very good places to eat
    They have the best Mexican food
    American ect
    But Santa Barbara you have to go oven the hill to get a real good meal
    Too bad

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