I spoke with Rudy Alvaro, owner of Rudy’s Restaurant at 5764 Calle Real, Goleta and was told that in late October his eatery will become “Paloma Restaurant and Tequila Bar.” Alvaro is also the owner of Paloma. The eatery will have a new chef, a new menu serving authentic Mexican cuisine and a new, large front dining patio. Paloma will offer sit down table service in the evenings and walk-up ordering during the lunch hour.


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  1. Jen C. says:

    This is SOOOO Disappointing!!! We love Rudy’s and it took us awhile to find a good casual Mexican food restaurant in town. I love their tacos and casual atmosphere. We’ll give this new place a try, but I am not optimistic about it!

  2. Joshua says:

    Jeez, Jen C. calm down and give them a chance!

    I think the “Rudy’s” name was still too associated to the original restaurant, and it needed a name change to complete its transformation. There were a few things I liked on the menu (mostly the large portions that my wife and I could split and thus not spend a fortune), so hopefully that doesn’t change! I’m sure I will still be able to find something I like on the new menu.

  3. Don says:

    If their Sunday Brunch is any indication of what their new incarnation has to offer, I’ll pass…

  4. Kay Lee says:

    I am looking forward to see what the changes bring. My friend Kathy missed the patio eating at lunch, and I missed the ‘place your order at the register and sit anywhere while you eat’ during lunch, since they moved. If I’m in a hurry, I don’t want to wait for a server then have to tip them. Dinner is a different story, then I’m glad to be seated, relax while eating and tip my friendly server. I have been going to the other Rudy’s in town for lunch ever since the Goleta location changed. I enjoy tequila and I am interested to see what the new menu has to offer.

  5. Charlotte says:

    We went to Rudy’s tonight and it was fabulous! Liked the butcher paper on the clean tables, flowers and candle was a nice, new touch. Bathrooms were spotless, staff were all busy working, bussing tables and! What a turn around! Our steak quesadilla and ceviche was great and my Marguerita was perfect. Thank you.

  6. TLC says:

    I was disappointed to find out that taco Tuesday’s prices only apply if you eat in. I asked the host why and he couldn’t give me an answer.

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