Reader Charles says he saw a sign outside Quizno’s, 1213 State Street, that said the eatery is permanently closed starting 9/22. I tried calling and the phone number is now disconnected. It looks like the Goleta location at 7127 Hollister Avenue (next to Albertsons) is the only one left in town.

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3 Responses to QUIZNO’S CLOSES

  1. JP says:

    Good. Workers unfriendly, made sloppy sandwiches. Always empty compared to McDonalds

  2. lynn says:

    I just called the SIMA phone number on the space. I cannot
    believe how rude the receptionist was. “I don’t know anything about
    that. Why would I know about Quizno’s?” I said, “Well, your
    company’s sign is attached to the space. I am just trying to find
    out if it is to be sold or leased.” “Why would I know? And if I did
    know, it would be confidential information.” “So, your company puts
    a number on a building just to tell callers that they can’t tell
    them anything?” Then she gave me someone’s voice mail, who will
    likely not call me back because I was too annoyed to leave a nice
    message. Oh my goodness.

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