I recently heard about the Coravin Wine Access System ($299) that pours a glass of wine without the need to open the bottle. No, this is not magic or osmosis at work here, but rather, a thin hollow needle is used to pierce the cork to get to the fluid inside. Normally, when a wine bottle is opened, the cork has to be removed with the wine inside subsequently becoming exposed to oxygen. This of course, gets the clock ticking on the drinkability of the wine.

The trick to the Coravin lies in the fact that oxygen from the environment never touches the wine. The device clamps on to a bottle of wine and the needle is inserted through the cork simply by pressing down on the unit. Argon is then introduced into the bottle through the needle and the resulting pressurization forces out the wine into a waiting glass. No oxygen is let into the bottle during the process and the needle is small enough so that the cork naturally seals itself upon removal. For more information visit coravin.com.

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