Having finally settled back in Santa Barbara after being gone much of August on a national park tour in Northern California and Southern Oregon, I was shopping at Costco recently and noticed that Christmas decorations are already on sale, even before Labor Day. This is the earliest I have ever seen Santa arrive on the South Coast. Last year I first noticed Rudolph & Company at Costco on September 5th. This year’s holiday season appears to have started on or around August 23rd. Perhaps next year we can start setting up our Nativity scenes on the 4th of July?


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6 Responses to MERRY CHRISTMAS

  1. Christine says:

    How ridiculous.

  2. mike says:

    Well it is almost Labor Day. Give them a few more weeks and they have Hearts out for valentines day.

  3. Vic says:

    I was told by a Home Depot employee just yesterday that they start taking their Christmas stuff DOWN on Thanksgiving!

  4. Carol DeCanio says:

    Why even take them down?

  5. shebeest says:

    I have an easy solution – DON’T GO TO COSTCO!

    We just canceled our membership – you’re charging me a $55 fee to shop?

    I don’t need pallets of anything. It’s ridiculous.

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