After decades in business the Elephant Bar restaurant at 521 Firestone Road in Goleta closed on August 18th.

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  1. Mand says:

    I’m sure at some point this may have been a good place to eat. But honestly, the food was rubbery, from-frozen and the place was very dirty for many, many years. I’m sad for those who lost their jobs, and I really, sincerely hope they find work soon and that nobody suffers a hardship.

    But I can’t see how anyone is surprised this happened or will miss going there.

  2. Chrissy says:

    My husband and I moved to Goleta last year (from Santa
    Barbara) and began discovering the area restaurants. Considering it
    was somewhat “off the beaten path”, set back from Hollister behind
    some greenery, we were surprised to discover The Elephant Bar. Fun
    decor, nice bar, large and interesting menu. We especially enjoyed
    the ambiance sitting outside in the afternoon, watching private
    jets land and take off from the airport. I’m sad at this news.
    Other than the Elephant Bar, Goleta mainly consists of a soulless,
    giant “big box” mecca, the Camino Real Marketplace (Hollister Brew
    Co is the exception) grubby, grungy old town (Goleta Sushi is the
    exception) or strip mall-tastic Calle Real (Los Tarascos is the
    exception). Thank goodness for the exceptions we’ve found, and
    sorry to see one of about four in the entire city go.

    • Scott says:

      Keep looking….there are some gems!

      • Christine says:

        +1 on this recommendation. Goleta may feel too bix-boxey or grimey-grungy to you now but welcome to my hometown! We have quite a few awesome family-owned joints. I hope you are inspired to keep looking! Red Pepper (open for at least 2 decades) and Noodle City are some staples for me in Old Town. Itsuki just moved to the Albertson’s center near Costco after being on Calle Real near Hwy 154 for decades. Just off the top of my head. Again, welcome to Goleta! 😀

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