This just in from reader Foodie Dan:

Hi John, I wanted to let you know that  Taco Bell is taking the Enchirito off the menu. This iconic item is going to the graveyard.

Foodie Dan

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30 Responses to TACO BELL UPDATE

  1. SL says:

    Actually it’s being replaced by a suped up version that is
    getting rave reviews.

  2. Foodie Dan says:

    Whew….a smothered burrito…sounds like an enchilada:)

  3. Charlotte says:

    I will miss the Enchirito. Along with the Bell Beefer (Mexican Sloppy Joe) and the Taco Salad. When I worked there 1984, there were only about 10 things on the menu. Beans, meat, cheese grated, taco shells fried, all prepared in house. All the employees were teenagers and UCSB students. Times have really changed.

  4. SL says:

    The chili-cheese burrito aka chilito is the most mourned discontinued item.

    • Rachel says:

      I feel the same way! But I was just looking up the nutritional info for the new smothered burrito on their website, and saw the chili-cheese burrito was still listed! Whoever goes to Taco Bell next has to ask if they’ll still make it.

      • SL says:

        As far as I know it doesn’t exist in our area, even as an off menu item. Supposedly it is still available at select locations in other parts of the country. Bummer as it’s pretty tasty as far as “Mexican” fast/junk food goes.

  5. DN says:

    Nooooooooo! Whenever I go to Taco Bell, I’ve never left without ordering an Enchirito! That was my absolute favorite since I was a kid!!! Unfortunately the smothered burrito doesn’t sound the same. The Enchirito was made with ground beef (which is what I expecially liked about it)….this new smothered burrito is filled with chicken. R.I.P Enchirito : (

  6. DN says:


  7. Marcia says:

    Oh, no! I loved the enchirito and the bell beefer, too. I bet they could be made at home without too much trouble. Trader Joe’s Enchilada sauce is pretty close in taste.
    Do you remember they used to put one to three pieces of olives on top of the enchirito?
    I remember going to the Taco Bell in Isla Vista and getting tacos and pinto and cheese. I guess my parents were too scared to try the burritos!

  8. Glenn says:

    Outlawed due to colonito blow? -The Frito Bandito(speaking of which anybody tried the Frito laden Subway sandwich yet making a “Crunchy Chicken Enchilda Melt”?

  9. RexOfSB says:

    The enchirito is the only reason I go to Taco Bell, and I go there a lot. This new burrito thing looks felony disgusting. Why chicken, for heaven’s sake? El Pollo Loco is where to get Mexican food with chicken, NOT Taco Bell. Hopefully Taco Bell will come to its corporate senses and abandon this stupid, stupid idea.

  10. Gerald Bostock says:

    Charlotte, were the taco shells fried in coconut oil? I had a great supply of massage oil from a friend who worked there in the late 70’s. (haven’t eaten at TB since about then.)

  11. Gerald Bostock says:

    Rex, I love an American, greasy, crispy, ground beef taco; I can still get them at Rose’s. “Beef” at Taco Bell is not “felony disgusting”?!

    • RexOfSB says:

      Gerald: I’d never say anything bad about the ground beef at Taco Bell–I said that the new chicken burrito mistake looks felony disgusting. I’m sure it tastes even worse. You’re right about the nice “American” tacos at the Rose Cafe. I love ’em! I also like the Rose Cafe enchiladas. Unfortunately, no one but Taco Bell makes enchiritos, or anything even close. Maybe we can start a letter-writing campaign to Taco Bell corporate. I cannot imagine anyone in Taco Bell HQ dumb enough to remove one of their most popular menu items.

  12. Gerald Bostock says:

    I’ve never been to Pollo Loco; how does it compare to Chicken Ranch on De la Vina? Pricing and taste-wise?

  13. Glenn says:

    You guys have to try Tapatia #3 down the street. I think the best Mexican in Old Town and leave the Bell behind…(Ok I admit I eat there too sometimes but thankfully in using this guide not as much anymore, Colonito Blow!). Discovered Coconut Oil recently at a food demo at the SB County Fair, don’t know if we will ever go back to other oils. Preparer used them to make Fried Salmon Tacos which we have had a couple of times at home now, good stuff.

  14. RexOfSB says:

    To put this in context, Taco Bell food, of course, can’t be put in the category of real Mexican food, so any comparison with genuine Mexican restaurants or cooking just can’t be made. Rather, Taco Bell offers what I call a food PRODUCT–a tasty knock-off of the real thing, but as comparable to real Mexican food as Franco-American canned spaghetti is to restaurant spaghetti or the kind you’d make at home. Regardless, the demise of the enchirito marks Taco Bell’s darkest hour, and corporate heads should roll.

  15. Foodie Dan says:

    I just tried a smothered steak burrito, they offer chicken, steak and cheese…Not bad, a little spicier than an enchirito. I say it’s worth a try if you were a fan of the enchirito.

  16. Joseph says:

    The smothered burrito does come in beef.. but it has rice!
    yuck! I don’t want rice! I can handle the change in corn/flour, but
    I just want beef, cheese and red sauce.. rice, yick! And melted
    nacho cheese inside, yick too! Of course the Enchrito has come and
    gone many time in many places. I’m sure there will be bell’s who
    will still make it off menu. If I have to smother a burrito it
    would be a beef/bean and order a side of red-sauce and shredded
    cheese. After all you can still get refried beans with red sauce,
    cheese plus sour cream and black onions plus “flours.” Just have to
    know how to ask! Rice.. ick.. a waste of space in my

  17. alana says:

    Chili cheese burrito is still on the menu here in WI. They
    also got rid of THE VOLCANO TACO.

  18. Angel says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know my Taco Bell in Casselberry, Fl. just brought back the chili cheese burrito today!

  19. Charlotte says:

    When and why did they stop using corn tortillas in the Encharito??

  20. jc wheeler says:

    as a former manager……1971-1973…..taco bell has had a lot of ups and downs…but it is time to bring back the following….original encherito, original hot green sauce, and the bun…..bell beefer would be very cool have back on the menu…….