Reader Glenn let me know about a few Santa Ynez eateries that until now have been flying under my radar:

  • Ranch & Reata at 3569 Sagunto Street in Santa Ynez is a cowboy-themed restaurant, bar and performance venue that offers “contemporary cowboy cuisine” created by Chef Brian.
  • Roundup Market at 1000 Edison Street in Santa Ynez is a grocery market & deli that also serves BBQ sandwiches.
  • The Baker’s Table at 3563 Numancia Street in Santa Ynez is an artisan French bakery dedicated to serving organic, local and fair trade ingredients.
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  1. Robert Wait says:

    The Red Barn (which has a sign now “The Brothers Restaurant
    at the Red Barn” is currently under construction. It is fenced off
    and a construction company has their name posted on the fence. When
    my wife and I moved to Santa Ynez 1-1/2 years ago, The Red Barn and
    Matteis Tavern were our favorites in the area, then they closed.
    MIss both the Red Barn and Matteis Tavern!

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