Reader Steven tells me that Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne, owners of acclaimed Lucques, A.O.C., Tavern and the Larder at Maple Drive restaurants in Los Angeles, will no longer be opening a restaurant at 1014 Coast Village Road, the former home of Tsunami restaurant. In 2006 Goin won the James Beard award for Best Chef: California. Steven says he recently dined at A. O. C. and his waiter said that this deal is off and she is not opening in Montecito now.

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2 Responses to GOIN GONE

  1. Jerry says:

    Damn! Hope that is not true. I was just at the new AOC last Sat. Great place and packed. maybe they are just to wrapped up in making their LA places work to take a shot at SB right now.
    I never really thought that was a great spot for them anyway.

  2. syg yzy says:

    Disappointed but not surprised. This would have been the worst business decision they made, since opening Hungry Cat downtown.

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