I just received this press-release from Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria at 905 State Street:

Local Pizzeria Announces Customer Appreciation Day, Every Day.
Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria will pay the tab for one customer a day.

Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria, Santa Barbara’s newest wood-fired Neapolitan Pizza restaurant, is announcing that they are giving back to their customers not just one day a year, but every day! Starting Friday, June 21st, Persona will pay the tab of one Lucky customer.

Persona firmly believes that the guest is the most important person in the restaurant. This is why they are offering one of their customers a free meal, drinks included, every day. The order number will be picked at random at the cash register and recognized on our social media outlets.

About Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria:
Persona was created by Joseph Baumel a graduate from the Greystone Culinary Institute of America Napa, and World Pizza Champion, Pizziaolo and Executive Chef Glenn Cybulski. The Santa Barbara based company is known for their wood-fired, very affordable create-your-own Neapolitan Pizza. The pizza is created using the finest ingredients and then fired in the 900° wood-burning pizza oven, baking in about ninety seconds. Come “Create Yours” today!

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  1. Victoria says:

    This makes me wonder if they are struggling.

  2. Lily says:

    There is no reason why they should be. I know pizza purists are going to say this is not authentic Neapolitan style, but it is cheap, tasty, and fast. Three qualities that rarely exist together.

  3. Lily says:

    They also have the best gelato, sourced from a gelato maker in LA, better than anything I have tasted in SB. I would go there just for the gelato.

  4. Sandi says:

    They do a promo and people wnat to start rumors that they are struggling. What a stretch; they just opened don’t put that out there. And if they are not at the pace they want to be why shouldn’t they promote without comment. It is called marketing.

  5. lemonjelly says:

    I think this is a very fun promotion. There is another pizza restaurant in town that does something similar – if your pizza is randomly served up on a beige plate instead of a white one, that pizza is free. I was the lucky recipient the first time I dined there, even. There was no announcement beforehand, though, I got the news only once the plate was set in front of me. And it totally made my day.
    Good luck to Persona!

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