I spoke with All India Café at 431 State Street and was told that they will close in mid-June. After 2 weeks of remodeling the eatery will reopen under new ownership as “Himalaya House,” offering Indian, Nepali and Tibetan cuisine. Sources tell me that one of the featured dishes will be yak meat dumplings.

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4 Responses to HIMALAYA HOUSE

  1. Oana says:

    Are the new owners the ones who own Himalaya in Ventura?
    the description sounds similar…That would be great!

    • Linda Lou says:

      Karma Tenzin Bhotia will be opening the restaurant. He has
      one currently here in Durango, Colorado which was voted the best
      ethnic restaurant in Durango last year. You’re going to love

  2. lemonjelly says:

    This sounds great too. Wow, can’t wait!

  3. Liza Betty says:

    I am visiting SBA during New Year, that;s good news new
    restaurant in town. I love Indian Food and best thing in same block
    with another Indian Rest.i think India House not sure. Love to try
    new one this time.

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