The Restaurant Gal and I were dining at Mesa Café recently and noticed that the transformation of the building next door, previously occupied by the legendary Dean-O’s Pizzarama at 1950 Cliff Drive, is complete. The site of the former eatery is now home to Fantastic Sam’s and Subway, which moved a few feet over from their old locations. The Mesa shuffle was required to make room for Chase Bank, currently under construction, which is also taking the space once held by Foster’s Freeze.


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3 Responses to DEAN-O’S UPDATE

  1. LizW says:

    The reincarnation of Deano’s pizza is at the Bourbon Room restaurant next to the Creek Side. They have the original equipment, recipe and cook Rudy. It is like old Deano’s except better. The toppings are of a higher quality and fresher plus the sauce has improved. A nice surprise.

  2. Fay says:

    Yep, just had two pizzas Saturday night – delish!!

  3. troy says:

    Still own a house on the mesa. Will never spend another dime in the Mesa center, due to the loss of Deano’s and Fosters… Business owners please note that

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