FunkZone-blogIn the last 5 years Santa Barbara’s seaside “Funk Zone” of artists, galleries, restaurants, wineries and assorted businesses has become one of the fastest growing areas of the South Coast.

New wine tasting rooms seem to arrive every few months and this summer the Anacapa Project is set to bring the Funk Zone to a whole new level. 131 and 137 Anacapa Street will soon be the home of Figueroa Mountain Brewery, a distillery, a wine store named Caveau, a winery named Avelina, a to-go coffee shop/pizza business named The Lucky Penny and a New American restaurant named The Lark.


The La Entrada Project, which includes a hotel and retail space, is pouring millions of dollars into the redevelopment of the Funk Zone. In summary: a lot of people are betting on the future of the Funk Zone which is helping make it a popular destination independent of its home city.

All this leads computer geeks like me to ask the question: Who owns

While enjoying a latte at Coffee Cat last week I brought out my iPad and decided to find the answer. After a few minutes of research I was amazed to discover that wasn’t owned by someone in Santa Barbara. The domain was registered in 1998 by a man named John in Naperville, Illinois, who decided to buy it during the height of the dot com boom. In the last 15 years he never used it and at some point he posted a “for sale” sign on the home page.

I sent a message to John asking about and he offered to sell it to me for the price you would pay for a case of good local wine. I thought it was a great deal so last weekend The Restaurant Guy wired funds to the Midwest and bought it. I transferred it from Naperville to Santa Barbara last night.

To be honest I don’t have any specific plans for the domain. I am gathering ideas now and then this summer will begin the process of creating a site that hopefully adds to the body of knowledge already out there about the ever-changing Funk Zone.

What do you think would be the best use of

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10 Responses to FUNKZONE.COM

  1. cupcakerica says:

    To start off, maybe just a super user-friendly interactive map with locations of all of the winery tasting rooms, restaurants, funky shops, etc. Maybe a little blurb about each business. You can always expand it in the future. Nice purchase, looking forward to seeing the progress.

  2. Dianne says:

    Smart move John.

  3. Nathan Von says:

    Hi John, We’ve started a nice Funk Zone website at It’s just getting off the ground, working on a
    major redesign with the help of many of the community members
    there. However, I’m really happy to see that is held
    locally. If you ever want to meet to see how we can collaborate,
    I’d be happy to sit down with you. Also, the Funk Zone community
    meetings are the third Friday of each month, at 2p at Municipal
    Winemakers. Feel free to join us.

  4. Brilliant! I’m with cupcakerica on featuring maps/blurbs
    for each business. I will be moving my jewelry design studio to the
    Funk Zone this weekend, and would love to support one another via
    an organized platform that joins everyone together online. Bravo,

  5. You can do a lot of different things! A website that
    focuses on the local culture of the Funk Zone would be really

  6. Christine! says:

    I like answer #1- use it to promote happenings- a hub where you can find up to date info about all goings on in the funk zone, as well as related county wide food & wine events.

    Good move indeed!

  7. lemonjelly says:

    Consider merging it with the existing,
    or offer that domain to them. That group has been working hard (all
    volunteer) to preserve and promote the funkiness of that area. Good

  8. Pete Durand says:

    Include me in, as a list of service advertisers especially in the “Funk Zone!” Let me and my cabbies be the “Funk Zone Cabbies!” This is very good news!

  9. James says: mission statement says it is for people who live and work in the funk zone. Create a site for the rest of

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