At the risk of revealing TMI, I can say I never cared much for Quaker Oats steel-cut, home-cooked oatmeal. To me it tastes like wet cardboard just out of a blender. The Restaurant Gal is a big fan of it so I have been diligently trying various ways to overcome my aversion to the stuff. Adding fruit wasn’t enough to make it palatable. My breakthrough came a few months ago when I tried putting 5 packets of Splenda on it along with some Kirkland organic soy milk. Now I love the stuff and have it every weekday for breakfast, usually mixed with bananas, blueberries and blackberries.

Last weekend I decided to buy Splenda by the bag so I can just scoop up a spoonful rather that open nearly a half dozen paper packets each morning. Much to my surprise I discovered that Splenda sold by the bag and Splenda sold in packets is not the same stuff. It’s not even close. Splenda by the bag has a totally different texture and is not nearly as sweet. I quickly figured out that I need 4 times the volume of Splenda from a bag to match the sweetness of Splenda from a packet. That works out to be about 20 packets worth of bagged sweetener on my Quaker Oats. With the switch to bag-Splenda my morning meal now looks like wintertime in Aspen, Colorado. It’s embarrassing.

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23 Responses to SWEET SURPRISE

  1. spank13 says:

    Try Stevia in the raw maybe?

  2. Mac says:

    I can get my hands on the pure, uncut version in bulk for the right price. It’s all on the hush hush though. We never had this conversation.

  3. Lil Rudy says:

    Using artificial sweeteners like Splenda isn’t good for
    your body, there are a lot of risk and side effects. Try to avoid
    them as much as possible. Here is a quick link regarding this info.

  4. lemonjelly says:

    The bulk Splenda is designed to mimic sugar in 1:1 ratio, so that it can be used interchangeably in baking and such. Splenda’s sweetness is more concentrated than regular sugar, so it needs some bulk for its measurements to be similar.
    I’m not crazy about regular oatmeal, but steel cut oats are yummy, with interesting texture and less processing. Honey, homemade jam or fruit compotes go on top. Mmm.

  5. Vic says:

    I hate to break it to you but unless you’re buying steel-cut oats and cooking it yourself, that instant stuff isn’t any better for you than a doughnut. It’s pretty much a bowl full of carbs, with a very high glycemic value. Think of it as “pre-digested oatmeal.”

  6. Charlotte says:

    Steel cut oats…..so much better than the other stuff…a splash of buttermilk, some maple syrup, golden raisins..yummy

  7. SL says:

    You should try steel cut oats. Worlds better, especially in regards to texture. They have instant and quick cooking varieties now as well. Trader Joe’s also sells individual portions in the freezer section, just pop in the microwave per directions.. enjoy.

  8. John Dickson says:

    I am buying steel-cut oats and cooking it myself

  9. Christine! says:

    We buy COACHES brand at Costco- it is delicious….but it does a number on your system.

  10. cupcakerica says:

    You should try liquid stevia in lieu of the splenda. My favorite is the generic Whole Foods brand, and the small bottle w/ the dropper lasts me a year or so, and I buy the larger bottle to fill it back up. Have you tried any nut butters yet? Almond butter in oatmeal is fantastic!

  11. Linda says:

    Try boiling your oats with raisins and you shouldn’t need sweetener at all, especially if you add some vanilla almond milk to the finished product. Top off with cinnamon which helps to diffuse the glycemic index.

  12. Charlotte says:

    My favorite is Mc Canns Irish Oats ( steel cut ) comes in a nice canister.

  13. CatPeep says:

    Into cooked steele oats or roasted rye flakes: I like to
    throw in some organic dark chocolate chips, organic ground
    cinnamon, and organic walnuts. Then I may add to taste, one or more
    of: Organic Agave Maple Syrup Organic Blue Agave Syrup Raw Organic
    Honey Organic Brown Rice Milk Mmmm, the chocolate makes me

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