Here is a list of local food and drink destinations that have closed in the last year:

  • March 2013: none
  • February 2013: La Carreta Mexican Seafood, 290 Storke Rd., Goleta
  • January 2013: Los Gallos, 2009 De la Vina St.; Meat n’ Potatoes, 4444 Hollister Ave., Goleta; O Street Truck (mobile); The New Black BBQ (mobile)
  • December 2012: Little Cantina, 14 E. Cota St.; Open Cup, 728 State St.; Sizzler Restaurant, 5555 Hollister Ave., Goleta; Whodelicious, 811 State St.
  • November 2012: none
  • October 2012: Cafe Blu, 506 State St.; East, 1208 State St.; El Taco Tequila Taqueria, 14 E. Cota St.; EpicBowl, 819 State St.; Itsuki Restaurant, 4020 Calle Real (moved to 7127 Hollister Ave., Goleta); Mimosa, 714 State St.
  • September 2012: Café Zoma 918 State St.; Chocolate Opulence, 819 State St.; Jack’s Bistro & Bagels, 3891 State St.; Kingston’s Candy Co., 3415 State St.; McMasters Steak and Hoagie, 910 Embarcadero Del Norte, Isla Vista; Snack Shack, 801 State St.; Whale Tail Deli, 1114 State St.
  • August 2012: Le Crepe Shoppe, 15 W. Gutierrez St.; Taqueria el Refugio, 730 N. Milpas St.
  • July 2012: Burger King, 3707 State St.; Dogtown, 888 Embarcadero del Norte, Isla Vista; Jitters Coffee, 728 State St.
  • June 2012: Scolari’s, 222 N. Milpas St.; Fat Mo’s Burgers & Car Wash 6558 Pardall Rd., Isla Vista
  • May 2012: Baja Fresh, 7127 Hollister Ave., Goleta; Chino’s Rock & Tacos, 6530 Pardall Rd., Isla Vista; Presto Pasta, 827 E. Montecito St.; Red Barn Steak House, 3539 Sagunto St., Santa Ynez; South Pacific Coffee, 7398 Calle Real, Goleta; Taco Bell, 2912 De La Vina St.
  • April 2012: Bitterman’s Deli, 5 W. Canon Perdido St.; Emilio’s, 324 W. Cabrillo Blvd.; Ultimate Bagels, 1226 State St.
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  1. Ed says:

    So, is Los Gallos really closed or is it just a remodeling plan as the notice said a few months ago? Seems they were doing well. Does anyone know?

  2. John Dickson says:

    Though the sign says otherwise, there doesn’t appear to be any remodeling going on and several tipsters tell me they are gone which means Los Gallos might be have “Emilio’s Syndrome.” If I see signs of life I’ll put them back in the guide.

    • Ed says:

      Thanks, John. Think I’ll stop by some day soon and ask at the Daily Grind next door which, so far as I know, is owned by the same people. Sad if they went out like this.

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