Juice Ranch has opened 33 Parker Way, just around the corner from the Santa Barbara Roasting Company. Here is their press release:


Our goal is to provide the community with the best crafted, cold-pressed, 100% organic juices available.

Unlike conventional juices, our pressed juice is THE most nutritious liquid you can find. Each 17 oz glass bottle has up to 4 pounds of raw 100% organic produce. Our hydraulic press applies 16 tons of pressure to gently extract the juice from the pulp. The end result is a nutritionally packed liquid with raw live enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is the closest you will get to raw unadulterated juice.

Simply because we take the utmost pride in our pressed juice, we find only glass to hold up to our standards of health and quality. Glass is 100% recyclable, does not leach out harmful chemicals, and is made from sand! We choose glass bottles so it can be used again and again… and, it just tastes better that way!

Our pressed juice is made with love and bottled right in our downtown shop to serve the community daily. We strive to source solely from organic local farms unless stated otherwise. Due to the nature of using organic produce, our menu changes with the seasons; which keep our taste buds excited!

For more information call 845-4657 or visit JuiceRanch.com.

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  1. Peter says:

    I’m just being silly here….but “sixteen tons” and “gently” in the same sentence cracked me up. All laughing aside, sounds like a great addition to Santa Barbara. I’ll be there.

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