This just in from reader Charlotte:

So today I drove by Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe [at 4317 State Street], which became a deli and is now Ye Olde Deli and Thai…..say what!!??  Are they competing with Eller’s Donut Shop next door, which also serves Thai eats to those in the know.  So weird.

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6 Responses to YE OLDE…THAI?

  1. Chris says:

    Old news, another post that was posted in January during John’s rest period.

  2. Huyen says:

    Same owners for a few years now

  3. Glenn says:

    Some people swear by the Thai place but getting some greasy noodles in a big styrofoam cup and waiting for my order while the server watched her soap did not do it for me and of all the Thai places in town I would rate it the worst(including the parking). The donuts also did not seem to be as good as the Milpas one either. Ye Olde also went downhill from when it was arguably one of the hottest sandwich shops twenty years ago.

    • Glenn says:

      The Thai was served at Eller’s next door at least when I went. I should go back there and give it another chance as I hate to write bad reviews of places but there are too many new places to try I have not made it to! People use it as a quick fix takeout Thai I think but with pattaya in Goleta and close by decent Thai on upper De La Vina you would think they would hit one of those higher quality ones for takeout instead. Oh well, my two cents.

  4. Delia says:

    The last time I ordered Pad Thai from Eller’s, it had
    potatoes in it! Never heard of potatoes in Pad Thai before, and
    will never return to Eller’s for Thai food. Yuk!

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