Readers Mike and Ray let me know that The New Black BBQ food truck, that opened for business in November 2011, has stopped serving the Santa Barbara market and hopes to reopen in Los Angeles. Here is a message The New Black BBQ posted on Twitter on January 15th:

 Still in biz, just not in SB. We packed up our stuff and will be getting ready to open up in LA in a few short months.

Speaking of food trucks, the O Street Truck, which also opened in 2011, closed last January.

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  1. Chris says:

    and I think mike deserves a shout-out for giving us the heads up on this about a month ago. gave us all an opportunity to get one last bite!

  2. Fay says:

    Culture Shock curry truck will be at Yardi Systems parking lot; 420 South Fairview Thursday (2/28) from 11:30-2:00.

  3. SBG says:

    New BBQ truck was parked at Red’s over the wknd… didn’t get a chance to try, but haven’t seen a write-up from anyone yet.

    Anyone know their story?

    • Justine says:

      I was just at Earl Warren last night for Roller Derby and the Georgia’s Smokehouse truck’s official opening.

      I had delicious bacon-cheddar hush puppies (only $3, but i would have paid more for a bigger portion!) and my friends had the burger and grilled cheese with chicken, which looked and were reported to be fantastic.

      Not sure it was the same one that was at Reds last weekend, as Georgia’s made a big deal about last night being their debut. Curious now to know…

  4. Whirl says:

    It looks like Sam Choy’s truck , Pineapple Express is in
    town again today for lunch at Yardi.

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