I might be wrong but it is looking like Santa Barbara’s mobile gourmet O Street Truck, which launched in April 2011, is no longer in business. Here are the clues:

  • They do not respond to my emails (perhaps they are busy)
  • Their online calendar and Twitter accounts have not posted any new events since January 2nd (not a good sign)
  • Their truck is being auctioned off in Westlake Village (uh oh)
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  1. Carpjen says:

    Such a bummer! Their banh mi sandwiches were delicious!

  2. Rona says:

    Bummer. I loved their banh mi sandwiches, but they never
    seemed to be around on the weekends and only one day a week in
    Santa Barbara.

  3. lemonjelly says:

    Oh, that’s too bad. They seemed to be the most successful truck in town.

  4. Ray says:

    This article reminded me that I had not heard anything from the New Black BBQ Truck. I went to their Facebook page and sure enough, they had announced they left Santa Barbara and took their good BBQ and truck to LA. I am sorry to read this. John, you may want to update their listing also.

    • Glenn says:

      Yeah I had tried them just before they left, they had new owners(newer black bbq?) and the food was better than the first time I tried them and was going to write a good review and apparently they have left, I had thought I saw a news article on here about that? John can call them to see if they are still here I guess and take them down off here and maybe add some of these other trucks people are talking about so we can review them.

  5. Lily says:

    This is too bad, its like this town just can’t seem to support any places that try to do something different.

  6. Laura says:

    There’s still the Blue Owl!

    I was wondering about the profit margins for food trucks the other day.

    Are there any old style non-gourmet “roach coach” food trucks still around? If not, that tells you how hard it is to make it.

    Cost of gas has to really hurt these guys.

  7. SBTASTe says:

    Does anyone know where to find banh mi sandwiches? They’re a rare find in SB.

  8. mike says:

    Perhaps the entire food truck craze is finally starting to run out of steam. I’ve eaten at quite a few over the years, and very few have stood out.

    The Old School roach coach has its place. It serves up a passable meal to someone who is often trapped at an office or industrial setting, and can’t get away and back in time for a bite. The food is ok, to decent in quality, particularly if you stick to whatever the special is that day. They prices are fair, considering they came to you, but by no means a bargain. They also will add to your waist line in a hurry.

    The “Gourmet” trucks that have sprung up of late have been a very mixed bag. Of all the ones I’ve eaten at in three different Counties, only a few have stood out. Of these, there are only a couple that I’d go out of my way to go back to. The problem with these is the same as the roach coach. They are again no bargain for the most part. The price is ok for what they are if they stop outside of your office, and they save you some time. But, if I have to get in my car and drive to them, they are now competing with everyone else that has a takeout menu. And that is where they fall short for me. Sorry, but most do not measure up to what I can get to go elsewhere for the same price. The only one I’ve ever eaten at that I thought was a bargain was Nom Nom truck. A good bahn mi sandwich for under $5.00.

  9. Laura says:

    @SBTASTe you can get banh mi sandwiches at Blue Owl downtown on Canon Perdido across from Forever 21 and near Nordstrom.

  10. Glenn says:

    This truck was big on bread and low on meat for me, I miss the Thai truck more.

  11. Mark says:

    I never really liked Ostreets food. Too much bread, low quality meat and they depended on their sauce to give the food any flavor. I have heard that Culture Shock is coming back onto the streets, but for now, The Burger Bus is the only one still doing a regular lunch. They were the first in Santa Barbara and still here.

  12. Sandi says:

    Everybody wants a baragin. That is why these poor food trucks can’t make it. You have to pay people for there work and product. You can’t want them to come to you AND not charge a decent profit margin. Come on people; if you like the novelty,get food you can’t find other places, like the convenience, and the food is worthy of coming out the siide of a truck, pay up!
    It gives you something to talk about with those co-workers you really don’t want to eat with anyway.

    • mike says:

      “You have to pay people for there work and product.”

      The product part is key. They have to move most if not all of what they prepare for each day to make it. If cutomers don’t show up for what ever reason, they eat it. That is what makes SB a hard market for them. There isn’t a large potentail Customer base like in the larger metroplitan areas.

    • Kay Lee says:

      I’m not a restaurant owner, but I am the owner of a business that has a “brick and mortar” location and I am familiar with overhead. I would guess that a food truck is less overhead than a permanent building.

      • Glenn says:

        Yeah I think it is whatever the market will bear. The Burger Bus is not cheap and the wait is long but people go there for the quality of the food. I think its apples and oranges with the standard ones over these higher end ones John is tracking on here and they may be after a different audience than the standard ones. The Thai truck was great as they had good food, very nice owner and it was inexpensive(with local card 2 for 1 deals), unfortunately that may have been its demise. If you don’t have good food they will not come and make sure you are not in the red!

    • julibelleSB says:

      Trucks are a wicked, tough way to make a living, very time consuming, shopping, driving, cooking, cleaning, gas and on and on. The cool, hip thing wears pretty thin after 7 14 hour days in a row. As to folks in SB not stepping up & supporting I think most often its because it is almost impossible get food fast enough during a limited lunch hour. Places where trucks are successful have huge densities of workers and/or partiers HUGE, like 5000 converging as opposed to 500 or so. Fast food is a numbers game. A lot of really savvy food folks drank this KoolAid . I feel for them all.

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