Burger King at 3707 State Street was dethroned last July and fast-food chain Chick-fil-A opened at that address today. Chick-fil-A is the nation’s second largest quick-service chicken restaurant chain with more than $3.58 billion in sales in 2010. The eatery has 1,540 locations in 39 states. On September 6th, 2011 The Restaurant Guy broke the news about their pending arrival. Hours are Monday – Saturday 6:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.

As has been widely reported, Chik-fil-A’s opening was partially delayed by political opposition to anti-gay rights views attributed to the chain’s corporate ownership. That controversy was the subject of another protest outside of City Hall this past Wednesday.

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  1. Christine! says:

    Welcome Chick-fil-A…I hope to make it to SB soon to give it a try!

  2. Charlotte says:

    Hallelujah!! Looking forward to some heavenly chicken sandwiches.

  3. Ted Mills says:

    Welcome to our new homophobic fast food chain!

  4. Christine! says:

    Ted Mills- I expect a FULL REPROT on the owners of the following:

    where you purchase gasoline from
    where you purchase underwear from
    where you purchase newspapers from (and who publishes them)
    where you purchase medication from
    where you service your car
    where you recycle your aluminium & glass at
    where you purchase your milk at- and what about the farmer who raises the cows? what about the person who grows the alfalfa- what does he/she think about the LBGT community?

    Homophobic is something you can change- STUPID isn’t.

    • Lily says:

      Are you saying that for someone to boycott a particular product, they have to have full transparent knowledge of everything they buy and consume? The real world isn’t all or nothing and its really not difficult to not eat any fast food regardless of politics.

    • lemonjelly says:

      This response requesting a full reprot doesn’t look tongue-in-cheek to me.
      Unfortunately, I suspect this fast food chain will last more than a couple years. People tend to love cheap processed stuff that’s been engineered to appeal to our biological cravings for sweet, fatty and salty tasting food.

  5. Christine! says:

    My tongue in cheek reply was to a fair response to someone who, it would seem, judges food made in a fryer and served wrapped in cardboard- by the Corporate owner- who probably will never set foot inside the store itself.

    It is a fast food restaurant that is providing jobs to people who have families- don’t visit if you don’t want to. And don’t judge me if I do : – )

    • Whirl says:

      The profits from that fast food chain will contribute to funding attempts to deny people civil rights. We all have the right to chose to not contribute to that. And, yes, it would be great to know more details of places we buy from so we can make the same choices. Most corporations choose not to make such a public display of their willingness to fund such discrimination.

      If you jump to judge someone else you should expect to be subject to the same.

      All things considered, I will make my guess that chik lasts a little over a year.

  6. as says:

    We are free to choose to support, or not support. I choose to not set foot in there. I respect people that choose otherwise.

    • k says:

      Exactly. The point Ted makes is when you know better , you can do better. You can choose.. And if you know the answers to all of those purchasing questions, you can make a choice there too. No one blames the people who work there for taking the jobs.. Good for them for having jobs. I applaud that. It’s not their hand that signs the check to give to hate filled organizations.
      And there will be plenty of people in this community that will support it. Lines down the block right now..
      I don’t judge anyone that is a patron but they won’t get my dollar. Oh and @ Christine! I wont judge you because you cant spell .

  7. sbjock says:

    yeah more fastfood provided by corp bs…eat fresh, clean,
    with educated choice. let the bigots rot

  8. sbdude says:

    And despite all of your “reasoned” hate for people who “hate” (because we all know a person’s religious beliefs are grounds for persecution), they’ve got a line out the door longer than all you liberals stacked end to end.

    Either society has a way of ignoring your stupidity, or people just enjoy a damn good chicken sandwich. Enjoy your protests and brooding. I’ll be enjoying my spicy chicken sandwich.

  9. Danny says:

    Please! People the last Santa Barbara needs is more garbage fast food. I love how people rave about the chicken sandwiches as if they are some amazing culinary delight. It’s a freakin fast food chicken sandwich.

    Wouldn’t support hateful bigots even if the food was decent. Hopefully they will go under, but alas too many obese people need their quick fix of cheap food.

    • Glenn says:

      Danny look up the word bigot and what you just said…esp about obese people…

    • Larry says:

      Danny hates bigots yet writes bigotry

      • Glenn says:

        Pretty much but he is just venting his rage. This place goes right down party lines apparently due to the owner’s stances. If they can just put the bible verses on the bottom of the cup like In N Out does it might all blow over. Being closed Sunday is too far along with their GLBT stances apparently. I’m going to try them when the lines go down and the workers are trained better, looks like getting some bad reviews right now, the location is pitiful, that stretch gets busy anyways in that direction. Coming up Hitchcock is the way I am going to eventually sneak to get there.

  10. Chris says:

    I just love when foodies critique how fast food does not live up to gourmet standards. Hilarious! Charlotte, you need to temper your standards when eating at any fast food place. When people praise the taste of the chicken sandwich, they are basically saying that it is better than most fast food competitors not that it would rival something you read in Food & Wine magazine.

  11. Nancy says:

    Just wish the city would have changed the way the drive
    thru is positioned, what a nightmare the traffic is when Chic a fil
    is Chucka ful!

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