Reader Steve tells me that Isabella’s Gourmet Foods, a boutique artisinal grocery, is coming to 5 E. Figueroa Street (in La Arcada Court). Here is a description from their web site:

“Isabella Gourmet Foods is Santa Barbara’s whimsical answer to New York City’s venerable Dean & Deluca, serving its patrons the most unique gourmet foods the area has to offer. In her newest entrepreneurial venture, owner Amy Isabella Chalker marries the down home charm of an East Coast general store with the upscale setting of a big city boutique and injects it with fresh, local, organic food that Santa Barbara residents and visitors alike have come to expect from their specialty food shops.”

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  1. Jane Smith says:

    This place has a long way to go. I was sold a three day old
    sandwich for over $8….got back to the office and discovered stale
    bread and yellow arugala. Goodland market beware. Your name is on
    this food and it isn’t fresh when it goes out the door. The owner
    also seems to be more interested in flirting with a parade older
    men than attending to her customers. This happened both times I
    visited. Comparing this store to Dean and Deluca is absolutely
    laughable. If she doesn’t pick up her game, I give the place four
    months at most.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Re selling Goodland sandwiches and old ones at that.. Wonder if the good people at Goodland know… Yikes!

  3. Isabella Gourmet Foods says:

    Hi Jane, Thank you for your feedback, and like any new
    small business, we welcome constructive criticism and strive to
    develop the shop to meet consumer needs. Please feel free to
    contact me directly at or 585-5257 so
    that I may address your concerns promptly. I think we all hope for
    our local small businesses to succeed. Thank you, Amy Isabella
    Chalker Owner, Isabella Gourmet Foods

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