Marsha Matanick, manager at vegan restaurant Adama, 428 Chapala Street, tells me that the eatery is now completely gluten free.

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  1. a p c says:

    I’ve never gotten why gluten-free and vegan always seem to go hand-in-hand. If I were vegan, it would kind of upset me to get my totally-by-choice (a choice that some of them take very seriously!) diet/lifestyle lumped in with a diet that is either by choice (as a fad) or a serious disease. Alternately if I had a health-threatening disease I wouldn’t appreciate being associated with an at-will diet/lifestyle.

  2. Gluten Free says:

    Speaking as a person who is severely allergic to gluten and
    wheat, but not vegan, I am excited to give it a try. It’s just one
    more option, which you can take or leave. Those of us that are
    gluten intolerant, by choice or allergy, know why we eat the way we
    do, and shouldn’t have to constantly justify it to people that
    don’t understand. It seems like the previous negative comments come
    from people that don’t have food allergies, or haven’t had someone
    in their life with one, gluten or not. It’s sad that some people
    can be so negative rather than being happy there’s another choice
    out there, even if it’s one they prefer not to choose thenselves.
    Santa Barbara is great because it is a diverse town with lots of
    choices for everyone. We have dozens of restaurants. No one is
    forcing you to go to this one.

    • a p c says:

      I personally didn’t mean to be negative, and I am actually a professional cook who really enjoys catering to different dietary needs/preferences… and from that experience springs my confusion at the constant pairing of gluten-free and veganism.

    • Kay Lee says:

      You completely misunderstood what a p c said. He/she is on your side!

      • a p c says:

        Thank you! Also I’ve only been to Adama once, and the food was pretty tasty. In retrospect, I think everything I got had a wheat/flour element (a tempura-ish cauliflower, buffalo-style gardein, and a pizza), so maybe my experience is moot now.

    • Lily says:

      I am all for Santa Barbara being more diverse and I wouldn’t use the word “diverse” to describe the Santa Barbara dining scene. We don’t have any authentic Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, or Ethiopian place in town. After months of waiting, I can say that we don’t even have a mediocre Korean place. The food here is in a rather sad state, even the 150k people college town that I resided in several years ago had more diverse choices than Santa Barbara. I don’t know, so far I attribute this sad state to the astronomical rent price that prompt every owner to go with safe choices and try and true formula like burgers and tacos.

  3. Thank you so much to Adama for providing us gluten-free
    folk a safe place to eat! We had this month’s Gluten-Free Santa
    Barbara meet-up there this week and everyone was so appreciative of
    having a completely gluten-free restaurant to dine at.

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