Montecito Journal columnist Erin Graffy has posted on Facebook that longtime McConnell’s Ice Cream owner Jim McCoy has died. McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams was founded in 1949 by Gordon F. “Mac” and Ernesteen McConnell, in Santa Barbara. In 1962, with Mac’s untimely passing, Ernesteen sold McConnell’s Ice Cream to local Santa Barbara businessman, Jim McCoy. Under the McCoy family’s stewardship McConnell’s Ice Cream flourished and grew from a single retail location to include wholesale and retail operations throughout California. In the 1970’s, McConnell’s moved to its current headquarters, the old Petan Dairy Building, at the corner of Milpas and Canon Perdido Streets, and shortly thereafter the original scoop shop also moved to its current location at the corner of Mission and De La Vina. In late 2011, after almost fifty years at the helm, Jim McCoy and his family decided to sell McConnell’s Ice Cream to two long-time local families: the Ein-Palmers and Barry and Kira Fay.

Here are some comments on Facebook:

  • Clyde Osterhaus Thayer – Sorry to hear it, Erin. Thx for posting.
  • Kathy Barron Sawyer – Thanks for remembering him “when”. I was lucky enough to meet he and his wife for the first time at the Granada on last New Year’s Eve! I can safely say he at least heard the beautiful Santa Barbara Symphony play a fabulous concert just days before he passed! My condolences to all who knew and loved this SB treasure!
  • Kate McDermott – I remember many an evening walking there as a family to have a special treat. He made a lot of people very happy!
  • Victoria Lemus Smith – RIP
  • Leslie Mangini – Thank you Erin. Yep, an ice-cream for an A. Heaven.
  • Leslie Turnbull – Aw
  • Gloria Cavallero – A true SB loss.
  • Patricia Nicoletti Searcy – So many wonderful memories of that great place.
  • Nancy Harrah Holley – Indeed!!!!
  • Tim Martinez – Absolutely the best french vanilla!! Yes, R.I.P.
  • Thomas Bortolazzo – I still have some of the wooden chips he would pass out for free ice cream cones. Always a big smile and a friendly hello when we met on the street.
  • John Stump – He created the best commercial ice cream that could be found. He was a very nice man and I’m sorry if a comment of mine about his past affiliation with an extreme political org was upsetting to anyone. I worked for him as a teen and he was even nice when he fired me, ha ha… In the end we are all human and all mortal. RIP, Mr. McCoy.
  • Silvia Keller – RIP…
  • Kathy Kelly – Sorry to hear this. God speed, Mr. McCoy.
  • Katheryn Duncan – Awwwwwww…Thanks for the delicious Ice Cream for so many years…………
  • Scott Whiting – Both he and his ice cream remain as some of my best memories of Santa Barbara.
  • Sharon Creek-Siewert – Oh Dang, yes, he was so kind, we used to stop by often, after church functions from down the road. I remember how it was the only ‘iced cream’ in the area where the cream would stick to the roof of your mouth!
  • Nansie Chapman – Thanks for sharing Erin. Chocolate malts with tons of whipped cream on top.
  • Phil Stephens – Jim McCoy was an all-around good guy. Always honked at me from his Cadillac(?) Lincoln Continental (?) when I was walking/running in the neighborhood and beyond.
  • Brian Palmer Evans – Jim loved his blue 1981 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham with 2BHAPPY on his license plate. I rented a space from Jim on Philinda Ave from 1981 to 1993 to repair classic cars. He was a good friend and will be missed.
  • Edie Robertson – Thanks for the update, I remember him well, when I skateboarded for Sims, our main office was on the corner on the other side of Canon Perdido. If I skateboarded, freestyle tricks, in front of the Ice Cream Shop, he would give me a Peach Ice Cream Cone…..my favorite at the time, great guy, he will be missed.
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  1. k says:

    wat.. who is the man thatis always in the shop managing..? With the glasses and white hair?

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