Early I posted that Altamirano’s at 422 N. Milpas Street had closed. That was incorrect. They were closed for renovations and have since reopened.

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  1. P.W. says:

    Thanks for posting this John, I was going to write in the same, I was driving down Milpas Street during the holidays, and saw that both Altamirano and Taqueria el Bahio were closed with their windows papered over…Both are now open, and I had a great lunch at Altamirano yesterday…the tacos Altamirana (Pasilla chilis, pork and cheese on home-made tortillas) and the Mole Enchiladas were both excellent-
    I haven’t been to El Bahio in a while, but I know you are a taco fan, and their chicken tacos Dorado (home-made crispy shells) are the best in town!
    Everyone needs to do their best to support local business, so these wonderful “non-chains” stay in business…Too many chains (Panera bread, Eureka burger)openind in Santa Barbara makes it harder for the “Mom & Pops” to make it.

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