Reader Brendan tells me that 801 State Street, formerly Rocks and Snack Shack now says “leased”, and a liquor-license sign in the window mentions a business called “Josie’s.”

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4 Responses to JOSIE’S

  1. Art says:

    Josie rises again.

  2. Charlotte says:

    As in the Four Winds? Was that the name? My parents loved that place! We did too….the waitress would always pour us a cordial as well, which was very exciting when you’re 12. I just love a cordial trolley!

  3. Art says:

    How about Josie’s El Cielito

  4. julibelleSB says:

    Josie’s El Cielito was the best spot in Santa Barbara for gossip, drinkin’, deal makin’, fun and general misbehavin’. A perfect proportioned, grand place for a great vodka martini (or 2) and an Omaha Sandwich at lunch. Sure wish those folks before Cielito hadn’t stripped the interior…

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