I am told that Ca Dario Pizzeria at 29 E. Victoria Street might open as soon as this Thursday.

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  1. Nini says:

    I read a soft opening on Dec.10th

  2. Arnon says:

    Yes, in big cover story to Montecito Journal last week owner announced it would open on Monday 12/10. I went that evening and there was just a sign on the door say ing something like ‘Sorry, we have experienced minor difficulties and hope to open soon.” I should have called first! A passerby told me she thought they had a sewer backup. The windows were still papered over, but I peeked, and have to say it is an incredibly tiny space with impossibly cramped seating that makes the existing Ca’ Dario restaurant seem positively roomy. Still, looking forward to trying the pizza on an off-hour, though also disapointed in lack of wood-fired oven. Anyone who has been to Naples will tell you that a WFO is a key ingredient to true Napoleteno pizza. The article indicated that the Ca’ Dario Pizza chef is from northenmost Italy, Lake Como, about as far from Naples as you can get and still be in Italy, so he may not be attempting an “authentic” Napoletana product anyway. I’ve been to Olio pizza many times, so my hopes are high this new place will offer more than a “me too” product. Since it’s only a block away from Olio, it needs to if it’s going to succeed in such a small space on a side street.

  3. Art says:

    Opened last night, thursday 13th, pizza was great

  4. Suzie Q says:

    I’m so excited for this pizzeria! Good luck Dario – you deserve it!

  5. Bob says:

    Pretty good. Nice place. Not as good as Olio Pizzeria, but Dario’s pies are cheaper. Draft beers are dinky 10oz pours for 6 bones, definitely not a fan of that.

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