My good friend and Santa Center volunteer Harley Hahn maintains a special Santa Barbara Holiday Light Tour web page you can use to go on a free, self-guided Christmas-light tour.

I went on the tour and shot an HD video of the tour grand finale “Miracle on East Quinientos Street” – a light-encased home decorated by Peter Estrada at 1209 E. Quinientos Street (pictured below).

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  1. Glenn says:

    Hmm. I was thinking about finally doing that this year. Sorry to say this did not knock my socks off too much, hopefully live it will be a lot better. fyi we have a complete light show in Buellton set to an FM radio station out of the guy’s house on six flag’s circle if anyone is interested. Its about a 15 minute show of various songs, youtube clips here:

  2. Geoff says:

    Bah Humbug. From your point of view, holiday lights on houses and trees across the country are a waste of resources too, because combined they use far more electricity than 1209 E. Quinientos St. Lets teach kids a lesson and ban Christmas all together.

    • Glenn says:

      Finally took the tour, I was confused on left and right in the Valerio area. I would just see the milpas area house above and hit Veronica Springs place which had the best displays. Btw a much smaller lights by fm radio house has opened up in Buellton on Calor I believe, I wonder if related to the bigger house people.

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