A new Brazilian restaurant and fitness spot named Brasil Arts Cafe is coming to 1230 State Street in early 2013. Chef Lica Sfredo will offer Acai, smoothies, juices, Brazilian BBQ, Coxinhas, Feijoada, Brazilian desserts and more. Fitness options include Capoeira class, Samba, Afro-Brazilian Dance, Brazilian drumming, Portuguese, Forro class and more. For more information call 637-5355 or visit or Thanks to readers Chris and Bruce for the tips!

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  1. Amanda says:

    sounds super fun, will def check out the classes and a snack afterwards!

  2. Glenn says:

    Cool I miss the food on Venice in LA. This is what SB is missing.

    • Charlotte says:

      I lived near two Brazillian restaurants on Venice…Cha Cha Cha and what was the name of the other one? They were both great, especially during World Cup!

      • Glenn says:

        One is Cafe Brasil, the other one I think was Zabumba but out of business, now I see a “Bamboo Restaurant” that might be where Zabumba was. I lived closed by too for awhile. For all the negatives of LA one of the positives is the different cuisines available from all the different nationalities. Don’t forget the Argentinian Empanadas place!

        • Charlotte says:

          Glen, I think we were neighbors! Yes, I remember those Brazillian places, yumm! And I love that little empanada place! Natalie Thai, Hu’s Sechwan, and of course…Versailles. Don’t miss L.A. But I DO miss the plethora of fabulous little joints! Sigh….

          • Glenn says:

            I tried Versailles a couple of times but Cuban food never did it for me, too much garlic and a salad was a tomato and an onion if I remember correctly? Maybe I could have tried more stuff there. I’m with you, having grown up like you in SB area you take the area for granted until you move somewhere else like LA, but it was not too bad once you got used to it esp the food. Sounds like maybe both of us left then came back again.

  3. Suzie Q says:

    Awesome!!!! Something new and different. I really hope SB gives it a chance!!

  4. Thanks for the note. We are looking toward to sharing a little bit of Brazil with Santa Barbara through food, dance, and culture.

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