Owner Steven Giles closed his Sage & Onion restaurant on Ortega Street in downtown Santa Barbara in December 2007. In January 2013, just over 5 years later, he intends to open “Sage & Onion Cafe” at 5599 Hollister Avenue in Goleta, next to Sizzler and the former home of Deli Planet. Hours will be Monday – Saturday 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. Earlier this week, at the same address and just across the hallway, Giles opened a new coffee and tea bar named XO.

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11 Responses to THE RETURN OF SAGE & ONION

  1. Gerald Bostock says:

    Good luck to Steven Giles, and a giant thank you to him. Years ago, I had a by-chance birthday dinner at the tiny wine bar at Sage & Onion. My foodie buddy and I had every appetizer on the menu, and some desserts. I’ll never forget it: it was the first time I’d had a savory souffle. Steven? That blue cheese (Stilton?) souffle was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. Chef came out to meet the people who ate every appetizer on the menu. Such a good memory!
    I look forward to seeing a menu, and am so glad it’s not just a coffee/tea place!

  2. Christine! says:

    great news- good luck Steven!

  3. Fay says:

    I am so friggin excited!!!

  4. Charlotte says:

    I hope they eventually open for dinner. Goleta is in dire need of a great place to have dinner. We really loved Sage and Onion…best of luck! And thanks for coming out to Goleta. I thought Sizzler was closing.???

  5. Laura says:

    If Sage & Onion took over the Sizzler location (ok, the renovation would be huge) it would shine in that location near UCSB and at the crossroads of Goleta. UCSB has VIPs visiting from all over the world and the faculty club is the only place to take them near campus (it’s fine but it gets crowded at lunch and lacks ambiance). Goleta needs people willing to take a chance in doing upscale and sophisticated dining. Sage & Onion was one of the most appealing of the downtown restaurants but there was always too much competition among the restaurants at that price point for all to survive at those rents. Go west — to Goleta. You’d have no competition whatsoever. Whoever does it first and does it right will win.

  6. Charlotte says:

    I wish Sage and Onion would take over the Sizzler location! (I just can’t believe that place is still open) I heard they were closing, what should have been, months ago! I must say that if Sage and Onion move into the Daily Planet location, they are up against a big remodel. I’m curious if they are changing their previous concept of fine dining to casual lunch only.? Can’t wait!

  7. Fran Weber says:

    Dear Steven, Norm and I are so happy to know that you have
    opened Sage & Onion Cafe in Goleta. We hope to see you
    soon. Congratulations !!!!

  8. Bob Romanelli says:

    Thank you for opening in Goleta. We need another really quality place. Sizzler got worse and worse and finally closed. Not surprised. So your new location is helpful to the neighborhood. Wishing you much success as you build up quality local support through your providing quality food.

  9. Suasn Martony says:

    Had a catered lunch from there yesterday and swung by this morning for tea and breakfast. Nicest place in downtown Goleta for sure not to mention the fabulous food and staff. Thank you for opening so close to my work!!! I will go there often!!!

  10. Charlotte says:

    The dinner special “take always” are fabulous! We fed four with two boxes, so only $20. for home cooking…can’t beat it. We recently had the pork loin dinner made with a “proper gravy” no Knorr packet here thank you very much. Welcome to Goleta!

  11. WILLIAM SANTORO, M.D. says:

    I would like to suggest to Steven Giles that he offer
    English pork pies, pasties, and sausages. There is a large company
    in Buffalo from which he could order them, or make them himself.
    They are delicious and more popular with Americans than one might
    think. i know of no other place to get them in Santa

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