Owner Michael Stinchfield was close to opening Santa Barbara Bar and Grill at 416 State Street, the former home of Sharkeez. That all changed on November 3rd when he was arrested and charged with sexual assault, a hate crime and other offenses. Stinchfield is behind bars in the Santa Barbara County Jail without bail. In September he was arrested after an hour-long police chase through rush-hour traffic on a Los Angeles freeway. The chase extended more than 50 miles and reached 100 mph at times. The same day as his most-recent arrest 416 State Street was listed as available for lease on Craig’s List. Thanks to reader Jeff for the tip.

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  1. Chris says:

    And I thought the reviews for the old Sharkeez was bad. Just imagine this place…

  2. sbdude says:

    You kidding? Sounds like the place would be a hoot.

  3. amanda says:

    what do you expect, it’s all in the name, probabaly was Stenchfield and he changed it to Stinchfield.

  4. spank13 says:

    I hope that guy gets the treatment he needs, clearly he was losing it. And also, here’s to hoping something good goes into that pit that was sharkeez…

  5. dmo says:

    Not much hope for that spot… it’s $12,000. a month rent.

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