They have given many interviews during their quest to win the election but until now no reporters have had the courage to hammer candidates with the one hardball question you want answered most: “What are your favorite restaurants in the Santa Barbara area?” I sent nearly a dozen emails to those seeking to be elected U.S. Representative, State Senator, State Assembly and County Supervisor, and here are the responses I received:

  • Peter Adam, Santa Barbara County Supervisor, District 4: “Brophys is always a standard. When the kids were small, we could always salvage a rainy Saturday or Sunday by going to the zoo and then either to the end of the pier or Brophys for an excellent meal. More recently, I went to the sushi restaurant in Montecito, Sakana, which was fabulous. I expect I will be eating more in south county after the election. In four years, I should have a deeper list of favorites.”
  • Joni Gray, Santa Barbara County Supervisor, District 4: “I would have to say my favorite restaurant to eat at is the Far Western Tavern in Guadalupe. My favorite places to grab a drink and enjoy great conversation would have to be Rooney’s Irish Pub in Orcutt and the Whistle Stop in Lompoc. These fine establishments are local favorites, and provide that hometown feel!”
  • Gerald Manata, State Assembly, District 35: “I have not lived in Santa Barbara for over 7 years, but when I was there, I would have to pick the Sojourner as my favorite place. It served an assortment of organic food at reasonable prices in walking distance from my home. It served original and tasty meals.”
  • Rob Walter, State Assembly, District 37: “Thanks for the question. The answer:  In-N-Out. Great service, great burgers, great fries.”
  • Das Williams, State Assembly, District 37: “Favorite breakfast spots for my wife and I are Backyard Bowls to be healthy or Tupelo Junction if we feel like being bad. We get a drink at Oreana (because Christian Garvin is the most witty person you will meet in your whole life) and Carr wineries (because the Grenache is the best wine we have ever tasted) or Vino Divino for a bottle. Food that captures us include the gazpacho and the atmosphere at Cadiz, scallops at the Canary Hotel, Gnocchi at Emilios, pho at Saigon, or Rice Thai in Ventura (because it’s great and right near an electric charging station). Proximity to an electric charging station also dictates the sushi spots we frequent, Takenoya and Sushi House in Goleta. Also Domingo’s Cafe. Jonnie’s and Corralles taquerias in Ventura cause they are the best after surfing!”
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  1. Cameron says:


    Rob Walter? Really In-N-Out? While I agree they have a goodburger, but considering g you are on the local ballot, how about thinking locally? Habit Burger? Stackys? Paradise Cafe?

  2. Chris says:

    Does Joni know where Santa Barbara is?

  3. lemonjelly says:

    Props to Joni for naming Far Western. Love that spot.

  4. Barry Schoer says:

    Really Das, can’t even spell gazpacho! Or sushi, or did the legislature change it to Shushi? And I’ve know Christian for years, he’s just not that witty, unless his wit involved a very large campaign contribution!

  5. Charlotte says:

    I love Far Western! They recently closed the Guadalupe location and opened in Orcutt. I wish they would take over the old Timbers restaurant ( Winchester Canyon in North Goleta ). A girl can dream…..

  6. Christine! says:

    Joni is a Supervisor in the District that holds far Western- why would she drive from Lompoc /Orcutt to eat in SB when there is plenty of good fod in North County?

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