Many newspapers have published lists of the people and propositions they think you should vote for in this year’s election on November 6th. I personally have never liked that idea but I recognize that this year is especially important so I thought I would share my political leanings with you.

I am voting yes on Proposition M (all restaurants must stay open until midnight) and no on Proposition C (corkage fees allowed at restaurants). Proposition D (all dining establishments must offer delivery) will surely be popular as will Proposition W (free Wi-Fi required at all restaurants, coffee shops & bakeries) and they both get my vote. Proposition L (live music required at all eateries) will be expensive but I feel it is worth the investment in our future. Unfortunately, the one item on this year’s ballot that I sponsored, Proposition R (all restaurants are required to reserve a table at all times for the Restaurant Guy), seems to be failing by a large margin.

Ultimately the decision that matters most is your own. Good luck at the polls!

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2 Responses to A DAY OF DECISION

  1. Whirl says:

    Where is the “like” button when you need it?
    Proposition A (All restaurants must give all of their current information, websites & menus to restaurant guy when they open and whenever there are changes) would pass by a huge margin.

  2. Chaz says:

    I don’t live in the city so the Proposition C on my ballot is different from yours.

    Mine states that “Chocolate MUST be served by restaurants free with ALL meals.

    Dang, it looks like a landslide!!

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