El Taco Tequila Taqueria, which opened at 14 E. Cota Street in June 2011 (replacing Square One restaurant), has closed their doors. The owners will instead try a new concept named Little Cantina with an all-new menu. Thank you to reader Tina for the tip.

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  1. Marie says:

    I sincerely wish this new restaurant much success and a long, prosperous, lucrative life; however, does Santa Barbara really need another (please excuse my preemptive assumption) Mexican-cuisine based restaurant? The natives have been SCREAMING for another either: “Skandi Buffet” or “Fresh Coice”–and, dare I ask, a locale with plenty of parking. I will speak for the rest and say that we are soooo over Sizzler. If I had the $$, I would open up another repeat of Skandi at the now-vacant Ruth’s Chris.

    • Chris says:

      Marie, don’t speak for me, Mexican/Sizzler I have no clue what you are talking about.

    • a p c says:

      I hated everything about El Taco Tequila when they first opened. I was in the ‘ugh another mexican place?!’ boat, I thought the idea was tacky and overwrought, and the name is a linguistic nightmare. BUT I tried them out and they became my absolute favorite place in town. The food was always superb and a pretty good deal. The drinks were fresh and delicious and way stronger/cheaper/tastier than Joe’s right next door-ish. The well tequila was delicious. Cool place. The service really sucked, consistently, but all things considered, I’m gonna miss this place.

      • Krista and Tony says:

        Right On!!! I agree whole-heartedly with APC. I loved taking out of town friends to Tequila Taqueria because the flavors of their tacos were so phenomenal and so vastly different than anything else you can get in any other Mexican joint in this town!!

      • Bob says:

        El Taco Tequila was an easy place to dislike on the surface, starting with the stupid name, but they had pretty terrific menu of interesting and downright tasty tacos that was unfortunately probably was doomed in this town. I thought it was great and am bummed to see them go.

  2. Fay says:

    I’ll miss the #5! I too was not thrilled about this place until I went inside for a try; yea the tacos were pricy, but darned good!

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